What earrings should I choose for my face shape?

Jewellery, and especially earrings, can transform our look, help us to highlight our style and emphasize those natural features of our face that make it unique. Below are some tips to help you choose the right earrings based on your own face shape.

The round face has curves and beautiful soft symmetry, which can either be accentuated or refined depending on the choice of earring we make.

Long and thin earrings visually elongate the face, achieving a perfect balance with natural curves.
Drop-shaped earrings have the ability to draw attention downwards, giving the impression of a more elongated face.
Earrings with a strict geometric shape such as a square or rectangle create a beautiful contrast with the natural curvature of the round face
If you wish to accentuate the round shape of your face then round and circular shapes in earrings are the choice that will emphasize the charm of your face.

The oval/oval shape is considered one of the most symmetrical and balanced face shapes. Generally it is easy to choose earrings that match the oval face, but the right choices will accentuate the harmonious look of your face.

Whether your personal style suits the more subtle or the more striking, hoop earrings beautifully highlight the symmetry of the oval face.
Drop shaped earrings are great for round faces as well as oval faces where they accentuate the cheekbones.
Earrings with a distinct shape such as triangles or the more special ones e.g. star-shaped, will accentuate your oval face without obscuring its natural harmony.
Pendant earrings will add an elegant and refined touch, achieving a perfect balance between the chin and the forehead.

The square face shape is characterized by sharp lines and a pronounced jawline. When choosing earrings for a square face, it is essential to choose those that add softness and visually elongate the face, harmonizing its distinctive features.

Round earrings such as studded pearls or gold spheres, as well as hoops, create a sharp contrast with the straight lines of a square face, giving a soft touch that complements and softens it.
Long earrings, and especially thin ones, give a sense of length to the square face, offering a refined look
Earrings with curved surfaces compensate for the angular structure of square faces and add harmony.

The elongated or rectangular shape in the face is characterized by its length, with the forehead, cheeks and jawline having a similar width. The right choice of earrings for this face shape can add width, break up vertical lines and harmonize features.

Wide hoops will provide a horizontal contrast, reducing the noticeable length of the face.
Pendant earrings with staggered widths that open downwards, such as chandelier earrings, give a fuller feel to the cheeks, thus reducing the feeling of a rectangular shape.
Curved and circular earrings help to break up the straight lines of a rectangular face, softening its overall appearance.

Triangular shaped faces stand out with their wide cheekbones and narrower forehead and jawline. When we adorn a triangular face with earrings, the goal is to complement and balance these distinctive features, emphasizing the natural charm of this face shape.

Earrings with a medium width and small or medium size will accentuate your cheekbones without adding width to the point.
Drop or oval shaped earrings will soften and complement the sharper dimensions of triangular faces with their gentle curves.
Medium length pendant earrings will visually reduce the distance between the forehead and chin creating beautiful symmetry.

When you choose earrings based on the shape of your face, you will not only enhance your natural beauty and distinct charm, but also showcase your knowledge and good taste in jewelry. Feel free to experiment and find the perfect designs for you. Whatever you choose though, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in the jewellery you wear!