Shine at this year’s Christmas party!

The last night of the year is undoubtedly special and we should definitely pay special attention to the jewellery we wear to welcome the New Year with fun and style. The revelry is one of the perfect excuses we have to dress up formally and feel glamorous. The festive spirit of the evening calls for sparkle, so whether you plan to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with a formal dinner, go dancing or just enjoy food with a group of friends, you should pay special attention to a look with eye-catching jewelry that will welcome the New Year with excitement.

Shine and brilliance!

The holiday season is always a good time to shine. On New Year’s Eve, choose jewelry that will draw and reflect light and make you stand out in the room, wherever you are. Pendants with diamonds or other gemstones or long, multiple necklaces with diamond motifs of varying lengths will sparkle as they catch the light from lamps or candles. If you’re wearing dark colours, choose white gold as a base for a stark contrast in cool tones or bet on metallic dichroism by combining white and yellow gold.


Bold brilliance!

Wear the pieces you wouldn’t choose for any other time of the year. Think of your New Year’s Eve revue almost like a costume party, a chance to bring out your most daring and playful self. Dare with oversized earrings, buttoned on lobes or shoulder-kissing pendants, oversized cocktail rings or eye-catching pendants made of coloured gemstones.

Tempting metals


Often in winter people wear dark colours, so you will probably share the space with lots of black, grey or other dark clothes. Creating volume with jewelry is a fantastic way to stand out, even if you also show up in a black outfit. Multiple gold cuff bracelets, chain bracelets in white and yellow gold combined with even more diamond and colored bracelets will add sparkle to your outfit and your evening.
An unusual and unique suggestion that pairs perfectly with dark colored outfits is antique diamond jewelry, such as a striking brooch along with a large ring will complete your look and draw all eyes on you!


All-time-classic diamonds!


From the most formal evening gown to the most severe suit, diamond jewellery goes with all outfits. If large or multiple pieces of jewelry are not your style, you can emphasize your character and personal taste with simple diamond earrings, string and single-stone rings, a diamond rosette surrounding your favorite colored stone, and a tennis bracelet that will add a striking yet over-the-top touch to your look.

Pins everywhere!


Pins are one of the most versatile and easy to use jewellery as they can be worn on all kinds of clothes and in many ways. Accentuate your neckline or collar with a big shiny brooch, combine two or more brooches together, wear your brooch as a pendant passed through a gold chain or fabric ribbon in the colour of your outfit, or pin them in your hair to accentuate your hairstyle, and success is guaranteed!


Gentlemen sparkle


The most elegant choice for gentlemen for the occasion of the anniversary, are the cufflinks that adorn the men’s outfit with their design and shine. Gold, white gold, diamonds, coloured stones or plain, they can be paired with a ring in a similar style for a complete festive proposal. Lapel pins are also a beautiful suggestion that adds a glamorous touch to the evening suit.

Εύα Κουντουράκη GG, AJP, JBM
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