Eternity Rings

Serrated rings have always been the perfect gift for the various anniversaries of important events in our lives. It is one of the most elegant jewellery choices we can make and has a strong symbolic nature that represents the occasion on which we are gifting it.


What is the Eternity Ring?

The eternity ring, or as it is commonly referred to, the row ring, is in terms of design a simple ring in which gemstones are set in a row, next to each other. These stones can be diamonds or coloured stones such as sapphires or rubies and are set in white, yellow or rose gold.


What does the Eternity Ring symbolize?


Serried rings are a symbol of eternal love – a promise of commitment that lasts a lifetime. These rings also symbolize the circle of life, so they are often given to a partner after the birth of a child – marking another journey of everlasting love. Serried rings are also used as symbols of friendship, or any relationship two people have with each other. A relationship of love, love, friendship, respect, etc., finds its ideal symbol in a wedding ring.


Popular Eternity Ring set styles

There are two types of ring sets, the full-eternity and the half-eternity. The type you choose depends entirely on your budget and the design you prefer.

Half-iron wedding bands have stones only on the top side of the ring, and can be three-stone, five-stone, or have stones that reach the middle of the finger, usually in odd numbers. All-carat row rings feature a full continuous circle of diamonds or other stones.


How to wear a Eternity Ring


Many women choose to combine their wedding band with their solitaire ring, their wedding ring, or both. This combination is of course not mandatory and depends on the personal style of each individual. Serrated rings can be worn alone for a chic and minimal option, or worn multiple times, possibly in different colors, for a modern and alternative stacking look!


Eva Kountouraki GG, AJP, JBM

Gemology Instructor, Jewellery Consultant