Serpente Ring


Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Unique handmade crossover ring made of yellow gold k18 with rose-cut diamonds and champleve’ enamel in green color, with snake head and tail motif

Typical style of handmade jewelry making in the early and mid-1900s was the use of patinated silver on a base of 18K or lower karat gold, so as to achieve the dark color in the metal on the upper suurface of the jewelry and to create a contrast with the sparkle of the diamonds and the colors of the gemstones and enamel

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Expert Tip

The snake is an ancient symbol of rebirth and eternal life. The symbol of Hermes was the caduceus, a stick around which two snakes are wrapped, Asclepius, god of medicine, holds a stick around which a snake is wrapped, while the oikouros serpent of the Acropolis protected the temple of Polyad Athena, where it resided.

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