Princess Solitaire Ring


Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Beautiful handmade solitaire ring in white gold K14, featuring 2ct princess-cut moissanite.

Our moissanites are accompanied by certificates from international gemological institutes

The Princess cut in the form we know it today appeared in the markets around 1960. It is a square or rectangular shaped cut with a brilliant style, so in appearance it offers a more modern version of the round brilliant cut with a similar sparkling appearance but with a sharp angular shape.

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Expert Tip

Moissanite is an extremely rare mineral discovered in 1893 in the crater of a meteorite. Because of its rarity, researchers and scientists have been able to reproduce its stunning beauty in a special laboratory. Moissanite is a very durable stone and is considered the most brilliant stone in the world as it has an even stronger brilliance than diamond.

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