Pea Pod Pendant


Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Unusual and highly symbolic pendant in a combination of 18K yellow and white gold, in the shape of a pea pod containing spherical peas.

Approx. dimensions: L:4cm, W:0,6cm.

The pendant is accompanied by a 14K gold chain, 40cm.

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Expert Tip

In folk tradition, for centuries, peas and pea pods have been small symbols of love, romance and fertility. Both peas and pea pods have long been associated with love and marriage. Because pea pods shield the little peas many people who address pregnant women often call the fetus by some variation of “peas in a pod”. In Chinese culture, the pea represents fertility and the pea pod represents wealth. Together they symbolize a happy, wealthy and healthy family. Also, the expression “two peas in a pod” is used to mean that two people are very well matched.

White Gold, Yellow Gold