Necklace length: all you need to know

μηκος περιδεραιου

There are many types of necklaces and pendants designed to be worn at various lengths. Also, each woman’s or man’s style of dress influences the type and length of necklace they will wear. In the table below you will find all the widely known lengths with their respective dimensions in centimetres and their descriptions.

COLLAR CHOKER 31-33 cm. Sits in the middle of the neck Φορέστε το με γιακά ή V-neck, ή ακόμα και με το strapless φόρεμά σας για φανταχτερά αποτελέσματα
CHOKER 35-41 cm. Above or just on the collarbone Very feminine choice for a formal or casual look
PRINCESS 43-48 cm. Right under to collarbone 45 cm is the most common length. It is used for necklaces or pendants. It fits best with a collar or V-neck, while it is less comfortable with a boat-neck.
MATINEE 50-64 cm. Stops at the chest Wear this length with your large pendants or layer it with a choker for evening looks
OPERA 65-90 cm. On the chest If the design allows it, tie your Opera necklace in a loose knot. For fashionable looks wear your extra long pendants in this length
ROPE 92-115 cm. Long necklace tie it in a knot or double it around your neck
LARIAT >123 cm. Extra long It is usually worn twisted two/three times around the neck. Tie it in a knot and pair it with a long dress.

Men’s necklaces start from 40-45 cm long (men’s choker); 45-50 cm is the short size, 55-60 cm is the medium size and 60 cm and above is the long necklace.