Brides and traditions

βικτωριανή εποχή
“Something oldsomething newsomething borrowedsomething blue and a sixpence in your shoe” This saying actually describes a global trend with roots in the Victorian era, which Greek brides tend to follow. Brides in the Victorian Era & Symbolism So, on the wedding day, it is said that the bride should have on her something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new and a coin. Often these items are gifts from relatives and friends to the bride, or family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation in the form of jewelry. Symbolism of the old The “old” symbolizes the continuity, consistency, and protection offered by those close to us, and often it is gold jewelry (a pair of earrings, a bracelet, solitaire rings, or a necklace) that belonged to a woman from a previous generation of the family and passes into the possession of the bride on her wedding day. Symbolism of the new The “new” symbolizes optimism for the future in the couple’s new life together. Often this role is played by the rings that couples order and wear on their hands on their wedding day and every day of their lives since then. Symbolism of the borrowed The “borrowed” object has the meaning of wishing good luck to the new couple. Usually, an already happily married woman lends an object that she herself uses to the bride, so that she can pass on some of her favor and good luck to the new bride. Often it is a brooch, a bracelet or a pendant that is “passed on” to the bride by her mother or grandmother. Symbolism of blue “Blue” has a double meaning as it symbolizes protection from the “evil eye” but also love, faith and purity that are often associated with the color blue. Brides often choose blue stones in their earrings, or a pendant or rosette ring with a blue stone in the centre. Symbolism of the coin Finally, the “coin” symbolizes prosperity for the couple beginning their life together. In earlier times the bride would hide a coin in her shoe, which in modern times has been replaced by an amulet, usually round in shape, that the father of the bride gives to his daughter before handing her over to the groom.

Eva Kountouraki GG, AJP, JBM
Gemology Instructor, Jewellery Consultant