How to find my personal style in jewelry

Our personal style is timeless. Someone who is stylish may or may not follow fashion trends to the letter, but always remains true to his own aesthetic. Personal style is about developing a sense of self and not just mindlessly absorbing fashion trends.

Finding your personal style is not something you can do overnight, it is a process that takes time. But there are strategies you can use to learn more about the jewelry that suits you.

What are your favorite items in your jewelry collection?


Take a look at your own jewelry collection. Think about the pieces you have that make you happy. Keep these pieces and think about why they make you feel good. Notice what they have in common with each other. This will show you the trend that you prefer and that may suit you best.


Find inspiration from fashion.


We all have one or more people in our circle whose style we like. So when looking for fashion inspiration, start with family and friends whose style you admire. Social media is a good way to look for inspiration as it offers many alternatives that we can easily see in photos. Fashion magazines are another great source. Follow the videos of skilled professionals and learn about different types of jewelry and styles to determine which ones you align with the most.


You can also seek the help of an expert


So that you can learn about the different styles of jewellery that may suit you and for expert advice on types of jewellery, interesting combinations of colours and textures, gemstones and precious metals.


Create a jewellery capsule collection, a collection of basic pieces that you can mix and match to create many looks.


These are classic pieces that go with everything and everyone: a delicate diamond set ring in yellow or white gold, simple pearls, a single stone pendant, a plain gold ring without stones, a classic rosette, gold neck and arm chains, among others. You may already have some of these in your jewelry box: Keep the ones that make you feel great and replace the rest with basic pieces that really work for you. These items may be simple, but they’ll help you show off your unique style, providing the basis for more exciting combinations.


Experiment with unique options!


Once you’ve built your capsule collection, it’s time to add unique pieces to your jewelry collection that showcase your personality through your personal style. This may involve some experimentation, so remember that it’s okay if you change your mind. Personal style means playing with fashion to discover which pieces make you feel your best. Start with bold designs and add colour, then have fun mixing and matching different styles of jewellery until you create the unique look that represents you, flatters you and shows off your outfit and your personality.