The symbolism of the wedding bands

συμβολισμός βέρας
The symbolism of the wedding ring traditionally wants the rings to be simple circles of gold with no additional ornaments or gems. What does the material and shape of the wedding ring symbolize? The wedding ring is a circle with no end and no beginning and symbolizes the endless love between the spouses united in the sacred bonds of marriage. As the couple vows their eternal love, the rings seal the vows and act as a constant reminder of this commitment. The tradition of wearing our wedding ring on our ring finger comes most likely from the Egyptians who believed that the fourth finger of the left hand was directly connected to the heart. The origin of the wedding ring The use of the wedding band is an ancient practice. In early human societies, people used a piece of rope (even a lock of their hair) which they tied around their finger and the finger of their partner to symbolize their soul bond. The Egyptians used pieces of reed or other plants, which they gave a circular shape to symbolize immortal and eternal love. Later, when the various rulers forbade the use of any jewellery – symbolic or otherwise – men gave their beloved thimbles as symbols of their love. After marriage, however, most women removed the base from the thimbles and thus turned them into rings. Thus the tradition of the metal ring was created. Precious metals such as gold and platinum in a circular shape give the most recognized and recognizable symbol of marriage, endless union and undying love, without beginning or end, a vow that cannot be broken. Circular shape like the sun and earth and precious metal to represent the strength of the bond. The engraving on the inside of the wedding ring is also an old custom. It is said to have originated with the ancient Romans, when the couple was required to sign a contract before marriage in the presence of the emperor’s image. Today there are thousands of different options for a couple’s wedding rings. Wedding ring: A timeless symbol of love Our advice is to remember that wedding rings are a piece of jewelry that represents the most important promise in a couple’s life and something we wear constantly throughout our lives. Therefore, it should represent our character and at the same time be something that we won’t ‘get bored’ of when the fashion changes, or that we can’t mix and match with our other gold jewellery. Classic is always the safest option! Eva Kountouraki GG, AJP, JBM | Gemology Instructor, Jewellery Consultant