The symbolism of rubies that reveals the power that comes from within us.

συμβολισμός ρουμπινιών

Throughout history, certain gemstones have captured the human imagination with their beauty, rarity and rich symbolism. Among these treasures of the earth, the ruby stands out as a gem with remarkable charm and significance. With its fiery red hue and lasting glow, the ruby holds a special place in various cultures and mythologies, embodying a number of powerful symbolic meanings. Join us as we delve into the world of ruby symbolism and uncover the hidden depths and captivating allure of this magnificent gemstone.

The jewel of passion and love:

At the heart of ruby symbolism lies its connection to passion, desire and love. The deep red colour of rubies has been associated with the intensity of emotion and the fire of romance. In many cultures, rubies are seen as the gemstone of love, often symbolizing a burning flame of longing. Legends speak of rubies as a sign of eternal love and a talisman of affection, believed to ignite the flame of passion and deepen the bonds between lovers.

Vitality and Life Force:

The vibrant red hue of rubies has also linked them to the essence of life itself. Throughout history, rubies have been associated with vitality, energy and strength. In ancient times, they were believed to have the power to tone the body and revitalize one’s spirit. The ruby was thought to enhance courage, confidence, and stimulate the life force within us, promoting an enjoyable existence and enabling one to overcome challenges.

Wealth and strength:

Rubies have adorned the crowns and royal jewelry of monarchs and nobles for centuries, symbolizing power and wealth. In many cultures, the ruby was considered the “King of Gems”, representing the highest social status and divine favour. The vibrant red colour was associated with the life-giving sun and wearing rubies was believed to confer power, protection and prosperity.

Protection and healing:

The symbolism of ruby extends into the realm of protection and healing. Throughout history, rubies have been seen as a talisman against negativity and misfortune. They are believed to possess the ability to drive away negativity and bring harmony and peace to the wearer. Rubies were also associated with blood vitality and were believed to have healing properties, promoting overall well-being and enhancing the body’s natural defenses.

Spiritual Enlightenment:

Beyond their earthly associations, rubies have also been linked to spiritual enlightenment. In some traditions, rubies were seen as a conduit to connect with the divine and achieve spiritual wisdom. The bright red ruby is believed to awaken the heart chakra, promoting compassion, love and spiritual growth. Rubies were considered a symbol of divine love and a path to inner enlightenment.

Ruby symbolism encompasses a range of powerful meanings, from passion and love to vitality, strength, protection and spiritual enlightenment. Across cultures and throughout history, this enchanting gemstone has captured the imagination and graced the lives of those who seek its fiery glow. Whether worshipped as a symbol of affection, worn as a royal ornament, or treasured for its spiritual significance, the ruby continues to shine as a timeless jewel of deep symbolism and captivating beauty.

Eva Kountouraki
Gemstone and jewellery consultant