Olive Branch Ring


Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Wide ring in 14K rose gold with hand carved motif of olives and olive tree leaves, and shiny finish

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Expert Tip

The olive branch is a universal and ancient symbol of peace and victory, associated with the customs of ancient Greece and with praying to the gods. The Icetiria was an olive branch held by supplicants in temples when praying to the gods. The olive branch was one of the features of peace on Roman imperial coins.The olive branch also appears in early Christian art where it is depicted being held in the beak of a dove, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The Shroud of the Republic of Cyprus depicts a dove holding an olive branch, while the olive branch is a symbol of peace in Arabic folk traditions. It is also found in 18th century art in the United States and in European countries.

Rose Gold