Include your personal message on the jewellery you offer!

Choosing a piece of jewellery to give to a loved one is in itself an act that expresses our personality and our feelings. The choice of a piece of jewellery is deeply personal and reflects the person who donates and the recipient. So whether we choose a gift for an important occasion or simply to show our love to a person, the jewellery we choose immediately becomes even more precious because of the symbolism it carries. However, engraving a message on the jewellery is a way to add a little more to the personal meaning of your beautiful gift.

But what is jewellery engraving and how is it done?

It is the process of engraving a symbol or text on metal. Usually, laser or more traditionally chisel is used for engraving to create a permanent symbol or message on the surface of the jewellery. Very often, people donate jewelry to commemorate a special occasion such as graduation, birth of a child, engagement or marriage, birthday, anniversary, achievement of a goal, etc. Whatever the reason, the jewelry we donate becomes even more valuable when we add a personal message, a symbol, the recipient’s initials, or even an important date. Adding your personal touch to a piece of jewellery you have chosen based on your own style and taking into account the style of the person who will wear it, suggests the connection between two people and keeps the significance of the occasion unchanged in time.

Some jewellery is easier to engrave than others, as a continuous metal surface without interruptions is preferred to make the engraving effective, especially if it is a larger text. Popular types of jewellery that are often engraved include rings, tag pendants, cufflinks, crosses, bracelets and any other jewellery whose design allows for engraving, whether it is men’s, women’s or unisex jewellery as long as it has some flat, even surface. Even embellishing children’s jewelry with initials, a date or a sweet message adds the perfect touch to your gift.

A special occasion is an opportunity to show your love and appreciation to the important people in your life through the offering of a gift that lasts in time. And adding the personal message through a personalized engraving reinforces the meaning behind it for years to come.